Branch 1


One or the other branches for compulsory treatment mentally sick with strict supervision, is structural division of hospital and it is intended for application of the compulsory treatment of patients appointed by definition which represent special danger to a society and need treatment in the conditions of strict supervision. The branch is calculated on 115 cots. Serves the Brest, Grodno, Minsk and Mogilyov areas, including the city of Brest and the city of Mogilyov.


The managing branch: Kudian Igor Anatolevich phone: 8(01594)44-82-1

The senior medical sister: Malinovskaya Tatyana Ivanovna phone: (01594) 43-8-22



Branch 2


Compulsory treatment in branch with strict branch, being a safety and treatment forced measure, has the purpose the prevention of new socially-dangerous acts from these persons. The branch is calculated on 115 cots. Serves the Gomel and Vitebsk areas, and also cities of Grodno and Minsk.


The managing branch: Tatarova Olga Zdislavovna phone: (01594) 43-8-23

The senior medical sister: Evdokimenko Maria Antonovna


Branch 4


It is intended for compulsory treatment of patients which have made socially dangerous acts not connected with an encroachment on life and health of citizens, and on a mental condition don't represent threat for associates, but need treatment in the conditions of the strengthened supervision. The branch is calculated on 50 cots and serves territory of all Byelorussia.

The manager. Branch: Urbanovich Vladimir Bernardovich phone: (01594) 43-8-24

The senior medical sister: Mukhlyado Teresa Fobiyanovna



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